InTrans / Apr 28, 2017

Go! Magazine releases May issue on the topic of green infrastructure

Go! Magazine ( is a free, not-for-profit, online magazine that produces articles about the unique, interesting, crazy, awesome, and expanding world of transportation.

Each month, Go! produces a three-part article series with either an interview with a transportation expert, a book or movie review, a blog entry from one of our staff writers, or information about transportation careers. The best part? Our articles are interesting for readers of all ages.

For May, we produced a Go! Green article series about two specific types of green infrastructure: the PlasticRoad and 3D constructed bridges. We also looked at how you can put your best “green” foot forward on your daily commute.

Green infrastructure: The PlasticRoad
As technology continues to advance around us, maybe it’s time we start asking for more functionality from our infrastructure. For example, a Dutch company is working on the next generation of roadway: the PlasticRoad, which they call “the ideal sustainable alternative to conventional road structures.” The PlasticRoad is sustainable because it’s “circular.” Being made of nearly 100 percent recycled plastic, maybe it truly is “green.”

Green infrastructure: 3D constructed bridges
3D printing was once considered a technology of the future, but today, the possibilities are very much real. MX3D, a company pioneering robotic 3D print technology, is taking on a bridge project, which their experts say could “revolutionize” the way bridge and other construction projects are completed in the future. Have you heard of multi-axis print technology? What about industrial robots? Learn about what how MX3D is building a “greener” tomorrow.

Green infrastructure: One ‘step’ at a time
Are you ready to clean up your transportation routine? Although green infrastructure will help lessen our carbon footprint, there are some things we can do now to take a green step forward. Statistically, we looked closely at how much you could save by commuting, investing in a bike share program, or just using you own two feet to get to your next destination. Although the choice is up to you, making smart choices for your commute could be a life-saving investment.

Dot’s Adventures with Transportation: Re“new”able Energy
“Dot’s Adventures with Transportation: Re“new”able Energy” is directly related to the Go! Green series posted in May 2015, which looks at what is happening now (and will happen in the future) to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.

THROWBACK: Lessening the carbon footprint: Compressed natural gas for major fleets
With over 10 million medium- to heavy-duty vehicles on the road, there is bound to be negative impacts on road travel, which definitely includes carbon emissions. That’s why compressed natural gas as a fuel might be a “greener” option. We talked to Stephanie Weisenback at the Iowa Clean Cities Coalition to get some answers.