Zachary Hans


Director, CWIMS





Director, Center for Weather Impacts on Mobility and Safety



About Zachary

Mr. Hans, a professional engineer licensed in Iowa, has more than 20 years of professional experience in transportation engineering, working primarily in the areas of safety and asset management. He also conducts research in the areas of maintenance operations, planning, and traffic engineering. A key component of many of Mr. Hans’ research activities is the application of information systems, particularly geographic information systems.


  • MS, Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering), Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 1994 
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 1993

Professional Experience

  • Director, Center for Weather Impacts on Mobility and Safety, 2016 – present 
  • Research Engineer, Center for Transportation Research and Education, 1995–present

Selected Research Projects

  • Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service, Iowa GTSB, Iowa DOT, 1999– present 
  • usRAP Technical Support in 2017, Roadway Safety Foundation (RSF), Subcontractor to MRIGlobal, 2017– present 
  • Application of Safer Roads Investment Plans and Other Related Tools for Safety Management of Utah Roads and Streets, Utah Department of Transportation, Subcontractor to MRIGlobal, 2017–present 
  • Iowa Local Road Safety Plans, Phases 1–3, Iowa DOT, Sub-contractor to Kimley-Horn, 2014–present 
  • Analysis of Dynamic Advisory Messaging, Phase 2, Iowa DOT, 2016–present 
  • Midwest Cross-Jurisdictional Image Verification, Iowa DOT, 2016–present  
  • Operational Data to Assess Mobility and Crash Experience during Winter Conditions, Iowa DOT and Midwest Transportation Center (MTC), 2014–present 
  • High Friction Surface Treatment for High Crash Locations, Iowa DOT and MTC, 2014–present 
  • Safety Benefits of Highway Infrastructure Investments, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Subcontractor to MRIGlobal, 2016 
  • usRAP Technical Support, RSF, Subcontractor to MRIGlobal, 2016 
  • District Road Safety Plans, Iowa DOT, Sub-contractor to Kimley-Horn, 2016 
  • Develop Safer Roads Investment Plans for State Highways in Utah, Utah DOT, Sub-contractor to MRIGlobal, 2016 
  • Roadway Data Improvement Program (RDIP) Assistance, FHWA, Subcontractor to Leidos, 2012–2016 
  • Analysis of Dynamic Advisory Messaging, Iowa DOT, 2016 
  • Upgrading Bridge Rails on Low Volume Roads in Iowa TR-679, Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB), 2016 
  • Development of Railroad Highway Grade Crossing Closure Rating Formula, Iowa DOT, Mid-American Transportation Center (MATC), 2014 
  • Statewide Heavy Truck Crash Assessment, Iowa DOT, MATC, 2014 
  • Safety and Mobility Impacts of Winter Weather, Phase 3, Iowa DOT, MATC, 2014 
  • US Road Assessment Program (usRAP), Subcontractor to MRIGlobal, 2004–present 
  • usRAP Phases 1, 2, and 3, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 
  • usRAP Studies for Illinois Counties, Illinois DOT 
  • Development of usRAP Risk Maps for Selected Highways in Northern Virginia, Transurban 
  • International Road Assessment Program (iRAP), World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, FIA Foundation, AAA
  • Foundation for Traffic Safety, Subcontractor to MRIGlobal, 2006–present 
  • SHRP 2 S04A Roadway Information Database Development and Technical Coordination and Quality Assurance of the Mobile Data Collection Project (S04B), SHRP2, 2014 
  • Roadway Data Extraction Technical Assistance Program, FHWA, Subcontractor to Leidos, 2013–present 
  • Safety and Mobility Impacts of Winter Weather, Phases 1, 2, Iowa DOT, Midwest Transportation Consortium (MTC), 2010–2012 
  • Pilot Project on Load Rating County Bridges, Iowa DOT, Soy Transportation Coalition, 2013 
  • Traffic Data Collection and Evaluation, Iowa DOT, 2012 
  • Utilization of Remote Traffic Monitoring Devices for Work Zone Assessment, Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative, 2012 
  • Horizontal Curve Identification and Evaluation, Iowa DOT, MTC, 2011 GIS Strategic Plan Update, Phase 1: Baseline Assessment, Iowa DOT, 2011
  • Bridge Rails and Approach Railing for Low Volume Roads in Iowa (TR-592), Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB), 2010 
  • Safety Analysis on Low Volume Rural Roads in Iowa, Iowa DOT, 2010 
  • A Study on the Effectiveness of Special Deer Hunts in Reducing Deer-vehicle Crash Rates in Iowa, Iowa DOT, 2010 
  • Evaluation of Iowa’s Driver Improvement Program, Iowa Motor Vehicle Division and Iowa Department of Transportation, 2009 
  • Analysis of the Safety Benefits of Shielding Bridge Piers, Iowa DOT, 2009 
  • Interstate System 4R Plan: An Asset Management Approach, Iowa DOT, 2009 
  • Iowa Pavement Management Program, Iowa DOT, 1996–present 
  • Evaluation of Iowa Driver Improvement Program, Iowa DOT, 2010 
  • Enhancing Motorcycle Conspicuity Awareness in Iowa, Iowa DOT, 2010 
  • Interstate System 4R Plan: An Asset Management Approach, Iowa DOT, 2008 
  • Guidelines for Removal of Traffic Control Devices, Iowa Highway Research Board, 2006 
  • Safety Impacts of Street Lighting at Isolated Rural Intersections, Part II. Minnesota DOT, 2006 
  • Effectiveness of All Red Clearance Time on Intersection Accidents & Violations Trends, Minnesota DOT and Local Road Research Board, 2004


  • Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner’s Special Award for Traffic Safety (for management of the Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service), 2006

Completed Research

Jun, 2009

In-Progress Research