Statewide Pavement Marking

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Iowa Department of Transportation

Principal Investigator
Neal Hawkins

Director Research Administration, ISU

Co-Principal Investigator
Skylar Knickerbocker

Research Scientist, CTRE

Co-Principal Investigator
Anuj Sharma

Co-Director, REACTOR

Co-Principal Investigator
Christopher Day

Research Scientist, CTRE

Co-Principal Investigator
Jing Dong-O'Brien

Transportation Engineer, CTRE

Co-Principal Investigator
Zachary Hans

Director, CWIMS

About the research

This project is part of the main Iowa Department of Transportation-sponsored project, “Iowa DOT Operations Division Cooperative Autonomous Transportation (CAT) Research Support.”

This project provides funding for CTRE support to the Iowa DOT Operations Division specific to Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) research, applications, data analytics, demonstrations, and discovery. This work is focused to support Iowa DOTs vision of delivering a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation system by developing a supportive digitally connected driving environment.

For this task, CTRE is providing pavement marking support and development of a statewide strategy consistent with other state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and national efforts to enable higher levels of autonomous driving. Pavement markings provide guidance drivers but also support Advance Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) like lane departure warning which has been estimated to potentially reduce 29% of all fatal crashes.

To date this work has consisted of developing a multi component pavement marking specification, working with DOT staff to develop drawing standards, establishing a marking approach using both wider lines, better materials, and contrast stripes for higher detection. The developmental specification has been used on a number of projects across the state.

Anticipated FY21 activities includes making refinements to the developmental specification in terms of application, materials, wet recoverable media, and grooving techniques. Working with the Pavement Marking Management team to assess and estimate the costs for the new materials across the interstate system and working with districts in using/inspecting the installation of these new materials. The DOT lead is Clayton Burke with support from John Hart.