InTrans / Apr 01, 2024

InTrans releases En Route, annual report for 2023 calendar year

2023 InTrans Annual Report displayed atop easelEach year there is something new to celebrate, and 2023 was no exception. Whether it was marking the completion of a project, discovering new research areas to study, or simply noting key milestones, it’s important to stop for a moment and rejoice in our successes.

En Route, the annual report for the Institute for Transportation (InTrans), offers that moment for us to look back at the notable mile markers we passed during the previous year.

The recently published annual report for calendar year 2023 includes a summary of the work performed by the institute’s 14 centers and programs as well as the year’s highlights and accomplishments. The new report can be downloaded in PDF format.

“This is a year of milestones for InTrans and its centers and programs, as 2023 marks the 35th anniversary of its beginnings with a single research grant in 1988. Additionally, it was 40 years ago, in 1983, that the Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program began as a resource for public transportation agencies, originally known then as the Local Transportation Information Center,” said Shauna Hallmark, InTrans Director.

She added, “Despite the passing of time, and changing of names, we all remain true to InTrans’ vision, mission, and dedication to progress.”

Among InTrans’ accomplishments in 2023 were the completion of guides, publications, and tools that reflect new developments and aim to standardize processes. These projects often helped improve safety and streamline maintenance efforts for existing infrastructure.

InTrans’ achievements also included completing 80 projects, organizing and holding nearly 150 events, and engaging with students, colleagues, transportation professionals, and industry to further our mission.

In addition to detailing the events held and publications produced in 2023, the annual report includes the following highlights, among others:

  • Major accomplishments from InTrans, the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center, and the Program for Sustainable Pavement Engineering and Research
  • Awards and honors received by InTrans staff and students
  • Insights into InTrans by the numbers

“These accomplishments come as a result of our belief in engineering, science, and each other,” said Hallmark. “The discoveries we have made this year are only the beginning. Come back next year to see what’s next.”