Seminars and Courses

Tom Maze Seminar
The Feb. 16, 2016 Tom Maze Seminar Series speaker Darcy Bullock, second from left, with, from left, Michael Jackson, Iowa DOT, and Neal Hawkins and Anuj Sharma of InTrans.

C E 355: Principles of Transportation Engineering

This undergraduate course serves as an introduction to the planning, design, and operations of transportation facilities. Other topics include asset management, transportation planning, capacity analysis, traffic control, geometric design, and traffic safety. As a “flipped” course, the traditional lecture content is provided through video lectures while outside-of-classroom content (like homework) is brought into the classroom as practical, hands-on problems. View course catalog


TRANS 691: Seminar in Transportation Planning

Named after the Midwest Transportation Center founder, the Tom Maze Transportation Seminar occurs weekly during the spring and features nationally recognized speakers. The series is broadcast online in real time to students at MTC partner institutions, with broadcast locations rotating among Iowa State University, University of Missouri–Columbia, and University of Missouri–St. Louis. View course catalog

Past presentations from the Tom Maze Transportation Seminar are available below as either Adobe Connect presentations or PDFs for downloading.

Past Presentations

Dr. Peter Taylor, Director of the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
Concrete That is More Than Gray, Cracked and Hard

Sandra Larson, Transportation Innovation Strategies Leader with Stanley Consultants
The Future of Transportation: Innovations on the Rise

Dr. Vovanti Jones, Assistant Professor with the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Mobility of Those Undergoing Physical Rehabilitation

Bill Buttlar, Professor & Glen Barton Chair in Flexible Pavements at the University of Missouri
Missouri Center for Transportation Innovation and Midwest Hyperloop Initiatives

Dr. Steve Remias, Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Wayne State University
Real-World Applications of Probe Vehicle Data: Interstates, Work Zones, Traffic Signals and More

Philip Meis, President and Principal Engineer at Utility Mapping Services, Inc.
Mitigating Utility Infrastructure Risk on Projects – ASCE Best Practices and Standards, and Emerging 3D Digital Technologies

Dr. Erol Tutumluer, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Director of International Programs with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sustainable Pavement Foundations with Chemically Stabilized Quarry

Dr. Edward J. Smaglik, Professor at Northern Arizona University in the Department of Civil Engineering, Construction Management, and Environmental Engineering
Exploring the Impacts of Intersection and Traffic Characteristics on the Frequency and Severity of Bicycle-Vehicle Conflicts

Dr. Denis M. McCarthy, Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri
Behavioral Effects of Alcohol and Cannabis, and How These Effects Influence Driving Behavior

Qilin (Cami) Liu and David Sibert, Transportation Staff Engineers with HR Green
Academia to Consulting: Navigating the Transition

Dr. Josh Stilley, Chief of Emergency Medicine with the University of Missouri Healthcare
Safety of En-Route and Post Response Emergency Medical Services

Shauna Hallmark, Institute for Transportation
Course Orientation

In Ho Cho, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University
Novel Methods for Advanced Data-Driven Infrastructure Engineering

Shauna Hallmark, Institute for Transportation
Assignments Discussion

Zach Hans and Basak Aldemir-Bektas, Research Scientists at InTrans
Assessing Bridge Characteristics for Use and Importance as Roosting Habitats for Bats

Kelly Strong, Assistant Professor at University of Northern Iowa
Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process to Prioritize Risk on Complex Highway Projects

Zach Noonan, PhD Student at University of Iowa
A Game Theoretic Decision-Making Approach to Behavior Planning of Autonomous Agents

Alex Hainen, Assistant Professor at University of Alabama
Traffic Signal Systems & Connected Vehicles

Arun Shirole, President & CEO of S&A Shirole, Inc.
Asset Management of Transportation Infrastructure

Mike Hyland, Assistant Professor at University of California-Irvine
Operation, Design, and Transport System Impacts of Shared-use Automated Vehicle Mobility Services

Peter Furth, Professor at Northeastern University
Reducing Speeding Opportunities on Arterial Streets Using Traffic Signal Control

Chase Cutler & Tyler Wiles of HR Green, Inc.
Iowa DOT Traffic Engineering Assistance Program – HR Green’s Role

Michael Sykuta, Associate Professor at University of Missouri
Complimentarity of Assets in the Organization of the Food Value Chain, Contracting Practices, and Crop Choices

Alenka Poplin, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University
Smart Cities: Building the Cities of the Future

Imad Al-Qadi, Professor at University of Illinois, Director of Illinois Center for Transportation
The Future of Pavement Engineering

Elizabeth Luiken, Iowa State University Dean of Students Office
Academic Integrity at Iowa State

Daniel McGehee, National Advanced Driving Simulator Laboratories, University of Iowa
The History and Future of Automated Driving

Timothy Taylor, Kentucky Transportation Center, University of Kentucky
$1.7 Trillion Dollars for Infrastructure… Who Will Build It?

David Garber, Florida International University
The Strut-and-Tie Method: A Way to Design Any Concrete Bridge Member (Overview and Recent Developments)

Scott Marler, Office of Traffic and Operations, Iowa DOT
Introductions – Iowa DOT’s New Highway Operations Bureau

Eric Fitzsimmons, Kansas State University
Introduction to Railroad Engineering, Kansas Short Line KDOT Study, and Lessons Learned Working with the Rail Industry as a Professor

David Lorenzen, Chief of Motor Vehicle Enforcement for the Iowa DOT
Motor Vehicle Enforcement Activities in Iowa

Girish Chowdhary, Distributed Autonomous Systems Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Robots are Coming—to your Farm!

Luke Harvey, NVIDIA
Deep Learning and Self-Driving Cars

James Ritter and Mike Curtit, Jacobs Engineering
St. Louis Safety Design-Build Project

Timothy Lomax, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Turning Lots o’ Data into Big Data

Mark Hallenbeck, Washington State Transportation Center
Automated Vehicles, the Hype, the Reality, and Possible Futures

Kiel Ova, Traffic Technology Services (TTS)
Deploying an Information Service for Connected Automated Vehicle Applications

Kevin Lee, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Connected Environments: Opening Doors for Smarter Decisions

Jim Nelson, Iowa DOT Office of Bridges and Structures
Travis Hosteng, Research Specialist, Institute for Transportation Bridge Engineering Center
Construction of the Massena Bridge and Development of an ABC Integral Abutment Connection

Peng Wei, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University
Low-Altitude UAS Traffic Coordination with Dynamic Geofencing

Cathy Burrow, Supply Chain Director, Hallmark Cards
Global Logistics – The Hallmark Story: It’s Much More than Greeting Cards

Sebastien Pouliot, Associate Professor of Economics, Iowa State University
Estimating willingness to pay for E85

Cara Harmann, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, University of Iowa
Naturalistic and virtual approaches to studying bicyclist risk exposure

Seung Jae Lee, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Florida International University
Computational Discrete Mechanics for Transportation and Bridge Engineering

Johanna Amaya-Leal, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain & Information Systems, Iowa State University
Improving Freight Systems in Urban Areas

John Conway, STEM Alliance Executive Board Member and Future City Team Mentor
How One Can Get From a Converted Gas Station and Transcend to a Life as a Professional Engineer

Raj Rajesh, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Novel Sensors, New Estimation Algorithms and Active Controls: Technologies for Improving Highway Vehicle Safety and Mobility

Kumares C. Sinha, Edgar B. and Hedwig E. Olson, Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University
Current Trends and Future Prospects for Transportation Systems

Skylar Knickerbocker, Research Engineer, Iowa State University
REACTOR Laboratory Activities

Bijan Khaleghi, Washington State DOT Office of Bridges and Structures
Innovation in Bridge Design and Construction

Wendell Cox, Senior Fellow with the Center for Opportunity Urbanism in Houston
World Urban Areas and Urban Mobility

Carlos Sun, Professor of Civil Engieering, University of Missouri
What Do Steven Spielberg and James Cameron Have to do with Transportation Research?

Jennifer Harper, Missouri Department of Transportation
The Road to Tomorrow — High Tech Approach to Rebuilding I-70

Dr. Glenn Washer, ThermalStare LLC
Time-lapse Thermographic Imaging for Bridge Inspection

Mary C. Lamie, St. Louis Regional Freight District
Developing St. Louis as a Major Freight District (PDF)

Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, Lambert Airport, St. Louis, Missouri
The Future of Lambert and other Mid-sized Airports in North America (PDF)

Darcy Bullock, Purdue University
Using Real-Time Probe Vehicle Data to Manage Unplanned Detour Routes
Accompanying Document (PDF)

Dr. Kingsley Lau, ABC-UTC, Florida International University
Corrosion Studies, Post Tensioned Bridges
Accompanying Document (PDF)

Mark Eye and Mike Adams, MU Extension
Transportation Workforce Development Study with: ISU, MU,UW

Michael Pawlovich, Office of Traffic and Safety, Iowa Department of Transportation
Future Iowa Safety Analysis/Analytics
Accompanying Document (PDF)

Mike LaViolette, HDR Inc.
Construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge

Mark Mahan and Ron Bromenschenkel, ABC-UTC, California Department of Transportation
Seismic Design
Accompanying Document (PDF)

Mark Ritchey and Dusty Hoffman, Missouri Highway Patrol
Predictive Analytics the Proactive Use of Highway Crash Records

Michael B. Johnson, P.E., California Department of Transportation
Transportation Asset Management

Ryan Fries, University of Illinois, Edwardsville
Traffic—Freight—Safety Issues in the Bi-state St. Louis Metro Area

Neal Hawkins, Institute for Transportation
InTrans Traffic Operations Laboratory (PDF)

Shauna Hallmark, Institute for Transportation
MTC Scholars Program (PDF)

Lesley Hoffarth, President/ED Forest Park Forever
Transportation Issues in a “Different” Setting

Neil Pederson, Executive Director of TRB
Involvement with the Transportation Research Board; Delivery of Complex Projects (PDF)

Christopher Anderson, Climate Science Program, Iowa State University
What Defines Actionable Science for Climate Change Planning in Transportation?

Scott Smith, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Marking the Heartland Globally Competitive and Economically Relevant 50 Years from Now (PDF)

Michael Edwards, PRC Industries, Inc.
The Role of Transportation and Reverse Logistics Analytics in Achieving Corporate Sustainability (PDF)

Daniel G. Fritz, McMahon Berger, Labor Attorneys, St. Louis
Transportation Labor and the National Labor Relations Board (PDF)

Mark Wright, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University
Strategies for Building the Next-generation Biofuel Supply Chain

Jim Noble and Ron McGarvey, University of Missouri, Columbia
Center for Excellence in Logistics and Design (CELDi) and NSF Program

Jiangping Zhou, ISU, Department of Community & Regional Planning
Big Data and Collaborative Research Via a Visual Lab-The Strength of Weak Ties (PDF)

David Yang, FHWA
Human Factors Research

Shawn Leight, CBB Transportation Planners and Engineers
Practicing Traffic Engineer Looks into the Future

Nir Keren, ISU, Virtual Reality Application Center
Human Factors, Naturalistic Behavior, and Virtual Reality: What We Have Learned from Observing Firefighters (PDF)

Karen Clawson, Mid America Regional Council
Kansas City Street Car Project (PDF)

Ed Hassinger, Missouri DOT
What the Future Holds (PDF)

Carlos Schwantes, Univeristy of Missouri, St. Louis
Historical Perspective on Today’s Railroads (PDF)

Kevin Schoeben, Illinois Department of Transportation
Marine Highways (PDF)

Derek Vap, HNTB
Traffic Engineering/Modeling (PDF)

Ken Warbritton, Missouri DOT
How to Repair/Replace 802 Bridges in 3 Years (PDF)

Nicole Oneyear and Skylar Knickerbocker, Iowa State University
ISU’s SHRP2 Research and Massive Data Collection Effort (PDF)

Mike Steenhoek, Soy Transportation Coalition
Freight Movement in the Midwest and the USA (PDF)

Tony Furst, FHWA
Safety at FHWA (PDF)

David Noyce, University of Wisconsin
Madison, Human Factors in Transportation Safety

Carlos Sun, University of Missouri
The Toll Road Not Taken (PDF)

Josh Doerhoff, Emery Sapp and Sons
National Award Winning Accelerated Bridge Construction Project on I-44 (PDF)

John Selmer, Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT’s Perspective on Asset/Performance Measurement (PDF)

Neal Hawkins, Institute for Transportation
SHRP2 Development of a Roadway Information Database

Rick Miller, Kansas DOT
Automating Kansas Pavement Condition Data Collection (PDF)

Carlos Schwantes, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Impact of Railroads in the US

Deb Miller, Cambridge Systematics
The Evolving State DOT EnterpriseL Factors Shaping the Evolution and State DOTs’ Response to It (PDF)

Glen Harrison, University of Kansas
Modeling Freight Flows

Steven A. Buckley, P.E., Kansas DOT
The State of Safety in the State of Kansas (PDF)

Pete Stephanos, FHWA
FHWA Operations Performance Measurement (PDF)

Greg Cecil, Columbia Regional Airport Advisory Board
Columbia Regional Airport: Challenges of Smaller Regional Airports (PDF)

Thomas Hoback, The Indiana Rail Road Company
Rail Transportation

John Craig, HDR Consultants
Oregon’s Bridge Project a “DOT within a DOT” (PDF)

Wendell Cox, Wendell Cox Consultancy
Transportation and Economics

Tom Welch, Iowa DOT (retired
Traffic Safety

Shauna Hallmark and Chris Albrecht
Introduction to the Tom Maze Transportation Seminars (PDF)

Rema Nilakanta, Go! Magazine,
Go!: extending transportation to K-12

Dr. Dan McGehee
Driver Distraction: Definitions and Data

A.J. Million, Transportation Librarian at MoDOT
Seven Strategies for Search (PDF)

Chuck Taylor
Awake! Consulting, Logistics and the Supply Chain Industry (PDF)

Jeremy Vortherms, Chief Safety Engineer for Iowa DOT
Safety Focus in Iowa (PDF)

Professor Wilfrid Nixon
Sustainability in Winter Maintenance

Wes Bolton, All State Consultants
Rick Kaufmann, City of Columbia
How Roundabouts Solve Traffic Problems

Ken Warbritton, Missouri Department of Transportation
Implementing Design-build

Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, Airport Director, Lambert-St. Louis Int’l Airport
Federal Perspective on Asset Management

Peter Appel, U.S. DOT RITA

Kent Lande, Louis Berger Group
The Role for Engineers in Nation Building

Forrest Van Schwartz, Global Transportation Consultancy

Carlos Sun, Law Journal Paper
Is Robo-Cop a Cash Cow?

Shauna Hallmark and Chris Albrecht, ISU
Introduction to the Tom Maze Transportation Seminars

Jon Luer, Burns and McDonnell
Alternate Intersection and Interchange Designs

Paul Hanley, University of Iowa
Mileage Charges

Tim Brown, University of Iowa
Adaptive Cruise Control

Ted Curtis, City of Columbia, MO
Implementation of Non-Motorized Transportation

Jerry Roche, FHWA Iowa
“Safety Edge” Pavement Edge Treatments (PDF)

Corinne Peek-Asa, University of Iowa
Injury Prevention in Transportation

Tim Matisziw, University of Missouri
Access to Air Transportation in the US

Doug Couto, Citrix
Information Systems and Emerging Technologies

Pete Rahn, Missouri DOT
Missouri DOT’s Focus

Butch Wlaschin, FHWA
Federal Perspective on Asset Management

Don Hillis, Missouri DOT
Traffic and Safety Programs in Missouri (PDF)

Chris Monsere, Portland State University
Evaluation of Bike Boxes at Signalized Intersections: Initial Findings (PDF)

Tim Klein, RITA
How Research Results Affect Policy (PDF)

Howard Preston, CH2M Hill
Mn/DOT County Road Safety Plans (PDF)

Jason Sims, KC Scout

Elizabeth Westlake, University of Iowa
Teen Driving Project

Shauna Hallmark, Iowa State University
Naturalistic Driver Safety Evaluation

Nadia Gkritza, Iowa State University
Economic Development Effects of Highway Investment (PDF)

Mara Campbell, MoDOT
MoDOT’s Tracker Performance Measurement Tool

James Noble, University of Missouri
Rod Massman, Missouri DOT
Amtrak St. Louis to Kansas City Rail Capacity Solution

John Woodrooffe, University of Michigan
The Essentials of Truck Safety (PDF)

Stuart Anderson, Iowa DOT
Economics and Transportation Funding (PDF)

Tim Neuman, CH2MHill
Developing Tools for Highway Safety – the NCHRP 500 Series Guidance Documents (PDF)

Brian Kinsey, Lambert International Airport in St. Louis
“Branding” the airport and making it a cargo hub for China

Keith Knapp, University of Minnesota
Improving Rural Roadway Safety: Enactment to Engineering (PDF)

Fred Mannering, Purdue University
Risk Compensation and Effectiveness of Vehicle

Howard Preston, CH2MHill
Investment in Safety Improvements

Nemmers/Vap/McDonald (UMC)
Safety Corridors National Summary Synthesis (PDF)
Iowa Summary (PDF)

John Donahue, Missouri DOT
Dean Bierwagen, Iowa DOT
Rapid Concrete Pavement Replacement: A Safety Strategy Precast Panels Design, Casting, Placing (Iowa DOT) (PDF)
I-57 Precast Post-Tensioned Pavement (Missouri DOT) (PDF)
Instrumentation and Monitoring of Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement (UMC) (PDF)

Lesley Hoffarth, Missouri DOT
Total Highway Closure as an Option During Reconstruction

Rudy Umbs, FHWA
Your Legacy in Highway Safety (PDF)

Kevin Blanshan, Waterloo/Cedar Falls MPO
Tom Kane, Des Moines MPO
Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Directions (PDF)

Ron Achelpohl, MARC
Highway Safety in the Kansas City Region

Linda Boyle, University of Iowa
Human Factors Research in Highway Safety

Stuart Anderson, Iowa DOT
State DOT Revenue Shortfalls and Strategies (PDF)

Howard Preston, CH2M Hill
State Strategic Highway Safety Plans: Lesson Learned (PDF)

Edwards/May, Springfield, MO MPO)
Johnson, UMC
Springfield, Missouri Activity Center Based-Planning and Cost Calculator

Eric Wright, Iowa DOT
How Land Developers Look at Transportation Systems and Access (PDF)

Doug Harwood, Midwest Research Institute
Peter Kissinger, AAA Foundation for Transportation Safety
AAA’s Road Safety Programs.

Hillary Isebrands, ISU CTRE
European Scanning Tour on Rural High Speed Roundabouts (PDF)

Susan McCubbins/Josh Scott, MoDOT
I-435 and Front St. Interchange in Kansas City (An Innovative Design)

Carlos Schwantes, UMSL
What We Can Learn From Transportation History

Chris Gutierrez, Kansas City SmartPort
International Intermodal Freight

Robert C. Brown, ISU Office of Biorenewables
Biofuels and Transportation (PDF)
ISU’s Bioeconomy Initiative (PDF)

James Cooper, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Public Transportation in Low Density Rural Areas

Mike Tully and Sunshine Yang, Aerial Services, Inc.
Photogrammetry and Transportation Data Acquisition

Larry Frevert, National President Elect of American Public Works Assn. and HDR, Inc.

Libby Ogard, Prime Focus LLC
Leveraging Private Sector Railroad Assets

Gary Davis, University of Minnesota
Crash Causation

Allen Hines, Consultant
Crash Reconstruction

Dick Hemmingsen, Initiative for Renewable Energy and Environment, University of Minnesota
The Future of Transportation Energy

Kevin Keith, MoDOT Chief Engineer
Missouri DOT’s 800 Bridge Program

Steven Chien, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Microscopic Traffic Simulation (PDF)

Brian Chandler, Missouri DOT
Midwest Highway Safety Scanning Tour (PDF)

Alexander Kurgansky, Consultant to US Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transportation Partnership
Freight Transportation Energy and Environmental Issues (PDF)

Mike McGee, Federal Highway Administration
Woodrow Wilson Bridge Reconstruction Project, Washington, D.C. (PDF)
Wilson Bridge Project (website)

Rich Pirog, Aldo Leopold Center
Transportation Sustainability Issues (PDF)
Iowa Produce Market Potential Calculator (website)

Chris Fulcher, Community Information Resource Center and Center for Agriculture, Resource and Environmental Systems
Integrated GIS for Planning and Public Policy Decision Making (PDF)

Ron Vititoe, Barrier Systems, Inc.
Improving Traffic Flow with Movable Barriers

Gerald Rawling, Chicago Area Transportation Study/CATS
Chicago Freight Hub Issues (PDF)

Kevin Dolliole, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
St. Louis Airport and Aviation Issues (PDF)

Earl Newman, Springfield, Missouri
Report from the Vice President of ITE (PDF)

Wes James, National Ag-Based Lubricant Center, University of Northern Iowa
The National Ag-Based Lubricant Center (NABL) and Transportation Sustainability (PDF)

Ben Allen and Neil Burke, Iowa State University Provost
Future Freight Capacity Needs (PDF)

James Brunke, The Boeing Company
Boeing Company Supply Chain Issues (PDF)

Michael Dreznes, Quixote Corporation
Utilizing Forgiving Highways to Reduce “Needless Deaths”

Joe Pestka, Missouri DOT
Michelle McEnany, Iowa DOT
McEnany: Airports and Their Impact on the Economy (PDF)

Omar Smadi, Iowa State University
How State DOTs Use Infrastructure Management Systems (PDF)

Jay Thompson, Transportation Business Associates
Profitability and Productivity in the Trucking Industry (PDF)

Tom Welch, Iowa DOT
Managing Highway Safety (PDF)

Dr. Bill Ankner, Missouri Transportation Institute
Transportation Financing

Dan Franklin, Iowa DOT
Transportation Funding: A State Perspective (PDF)

Wendell Cox, Wendell Cox Consultancy
Myths of Public Transportation

Admiral Lou Smith, US Navy, Ret.
Asset Management in the Military and Education: What Transportation Professionals Can Learn

Dan Murray, American Transportation Research Institute
Freight Performance Measures and Freight Security (PDF)

Larry Salci, Metro St. Louis CEO
Managing Large Public Transportation Systems

Mark Taylor, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Lands Division
Innovative Highway Designs (PDF)

Kevin Mahoney, John Adams, and Sandra Larson, Iowa DOT
Issues Future Transportation Professionals Will Face:

  • Kevin Mahoney’s presentation about the Iowa DOT Highway Division (PDF)
  • Iowa River bridge construction video (WMV)
  • John Adam’s presentation about future challenges (PDF)
  • Sandra Larson’s presentation about the Bureau of Research and Technology (PDF)

Commander Suzanne E. Englebert, US Coast Guard
Inland Ports and Waterways

Reg Souleyrette, Iowa State University
Road Safety Risk Rating

Bill Halsband, Mammoet
Heavy Lifting Systems In Construction

Terry Browne, Collins Engineering
Underwater Bridge Inspection, Part 1 (PDF)
Underwater Bridge Inspection, Part 2 (PDF)

Matt Shands, Transportation Policy Institute
Asset Management as Communications. Part 1 (PDF)
Asset Management as Communications. Part 2 (PDF)

Glen Washer, FHWA Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center
Non Destructive Evaluation in Condition Assessment for Asset Management

Terry Wipf and Brent Phares, Iowa State University
Bridge Health Monitoring: Present and Future (PDF)

Mike Smid, Yellow Freight
The Trucking Industry

Ernest Barenberg, University of Illinois
Dulci Rufino, ERES Consultants
PCC Pavement Issues:

  • Rockford Airport (PDF)
  • Design Criteria (PDF)
  • Denver Airport (PDF)

Mark Ward, John Deere
Global Logistics

Steve Andrle and Dennis Kroeger, Iowa State University
Winter Maintenance Management—The MDSS System (PDF)

Tom Maze, Iowa State University
The Science of Asset Management (PDF)

David Plazak and Reg Souleyrette, Iowa State University
Process to Identify High Priority Corridors for Access Management Near Large Urban Areas in Iowa (PDF)
(NOTE: These speakers were emergency substitutes for the previously scheduled Chris Huffman of the Kansas DOT; however, the main topic remained the same.)

Keith Herbold, Federal Highway Administration
Pavement Preservation and Asset Management (PDF)

Wayne McDaniel, PB Consultants
GASB 34 Modified Approach Implementation, Part 1 (PDF)
GASB 34 Modified Approach Implementation, Part 2 (PDF)

Joseph Kellett, US Army Corps of Engineers
US Army Corps of Engineers: Overview and Opportunities

Stuart Anderson, Iowa Department of Transportation
Iowa DOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan Update

Donald Broughton, A. G. Edwards
Financial Health of Transportation

Mei Meiarashi, Public Works Research Institute of Japan
Infrastructure Asset Management Overseas

Yiannis Papelis, National Advanced Driving Simulator
Human Factors and Advanced Driving Simulation

Daryl Smith, Kirk Henderson, and Greg Houseal, Native Roadside Vegetation Center, UNI
Native Roadside Vegetation

Katie Zimmerman, Applied Pavement Technologies
Pavement Management (PDF)

Tom Ryan, Missouri Department of Transportation
Intelligent Transportation Systems in the St. Louis Metro Area

Steve Chase, FHWA Turner Fairbank Laboratories
Observations on the Future of Bridge Technology (PDF)

Brad Hagen, Waterloo Regional Airport
Regional Airport Management (PDF)

Howard Preston, Howard R. Green Company
Performance Measures in Highway Corridor Planning and Design

Gene Amparano, FHWA-NHTSA Liaison, Kansas City
Highway Safety in the Midwest

John Craig, Nebraska Dept. of Roads
AASHTO Asset Management Activities (PDF)

Ken Welch, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha
Asset Management in the Railroad Industry

Robert Rasmussen, Transtec Group, Inc.
Advanced Pavement Materials, Analysis, and Design (PDF)

Susan Stauder, Regional Commerce and Growth Association
Public Transportation Use of Intelligent Transit Systems

Chris Yarnell, Cole County, Missouri Public Works
Asset Management Deployment in Central Missouri

Don Taylor, McAninch Corporation
Ed Jaselskis, ISU
Advanced Construction Technologies: Stakeless Grading and Laser Scanning

Kenneth Peters, State of Iowa
Information Assurance and Security and Its Relationship to Transportation (PDF)

Dr. Michael Barker, University of Missouri-Columbia
FEMA First Response: Report from “Ground Zero” in New York City

Jim Lafrenz, American Concrete Paving Association
Terrorism and Design of the Built Environment (PDF)

Steve Stockham, Joplin, Missouri Airport
The City of Joplin: A Decade of Change (PDF)

Bill Flannery, Des Moines International Airport
Aviation Security: Past, Present, and Future

John Snyder, Livingston Aviation
The Air Charter Business

Tom Rummel, Texas DOT
Security Activities at the Texas DOT Related to Bridges (PDF)

Eric Gabler, Federal Highway Administration
Economics and Engineering: Asset Management Fundamentals (PDF)

Louis Lambert, Michigan DOT
Implementing Asset Management in a State DOT (PDF)

Floyd Barwig, Iowa Energy Center
Energy Issues in Transportation (PDF)

Lisa Skubal, Cedar Valley Economic Development Corporation
Cindy Angel, University of Northern Iowa’s Institute for Decision Making
Transportation and Economic Development: Site Selection

Ellen Gordon, Homeland Security for Iowa
Security and Transportation After September 11 (PDF)

Steve Lanter, Lanter Trucking
Managing a Modern Logistics Company Today

Dr. David Forkenbrock, University of Iowa Public Policy Center
Re-inventing Highway Taxes and Finance (PDF)